Technology applied to enhance the efficiency of available resources

With a broad commercial, institutional and industrial catalog of products this company has its economic bases since the fifties. This client is part of a Group made up of four companies that based their success on demand-driven diversification, their leading visionaries and the effective administration of their resources.


Its commercial unit has been growing faster and required to address concerns focused on the need to reinforce certain key controls in aspects such as fuel costs.

  • GPS monitoring and cutting-edge technology to manage their fleet.
  • Adoption of the BCR-NAVSAT Flotilla Card for the regulation of fuel use in its units.
  • Generation and download of reports and statistics for automated corporate analysis.
  • Control of delivery routes, distribution and daily utilization of the vehicle fleet.


  • Better control over the proper use of money for fuel.
  • Elimination of unjustified expenses in the use of fuel in the vehicles.
  • GPS system traceability and mileage control, as well as actual liters of fuel consumed by its trucks and corporate cars.
  • Transparent administration backed by reliable technology systems.

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