Automatización de Tareas


  • Visualize point of sale activities

  • Control missing products

  • Dé seguimiento a las promociones en puntos de interés

  • Visualize work done in real time

  • Interactúe en forma directa y segura con su personal

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Why implement a mobile solution for field staff?

Would you like to know if your staff is really visiting clients?

With Navsat's GU Trade you'll be able to obtain reliable data about activity execution and workforce visits to clients. We'll support you in defining routes and optimize visits, minimizing unnecessary movements and maximizing staff productivity.

Would you like to obtain real time data about point of sale execution?

With GU Trade you can apply dynamic forms to capture everything that happens in the point of sale, through photos and digital forms installed in staff's smartphones.

How do you control missing products in your point of sale?

In NAVSAT we offer the best solution in the market to control missing products in the point of sale with our GU Trade tool, which will enable you to compile information in real time and maintain communication with decision makers in your company.

GU main features

Enhance product visibility. Manage work teams.

Replenishment efficiency

  • Geolocation and classification of points of sale
  • Automatic check in and check out in point of sale
  • Real time verification of assigned routes completion
  • Measurement of dedicated time to points of sale


  • Information on the plans applied at each point of sale
  • Control of compliance with planimetry
  • Controls on POP materials
  • Break control

Optimización en la ejecución

  • Big prices survey
  • Competition prices survey
  • Facing controls
  • Incident survey
  • Expiration controls for products
  • Asset control
  • Returns control

Gestión en RRHH

  • Check in and check out marks
  • Break time data
  • Management on allowed apps and configuration blocking on cellphones
  • Group and individual announcements

NAVSAT has the solution

Tailored reports

Asesoría Permanente

Visualización en tiempo real

Safe and reliable platform

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