Student transportation required a system to control arrival time, compliance with schedules and routes monitoring. Traditionally, a student transport company (minibuses, buses, buses) provides its services and controls routes through telephone calls and manual records; this causes the absence of historical data that can be used in case of problems or complaints at the educational centers.


Student transportation required a system that allowed automatic real-time control and knowledge of the standards under which it operates, ensuring the safety of students and on-time arrivals.

  • All fleet equipped with GPS devices
  • Platform that monitors the performance of routes in real time
  • Automatic daily and monthly reports: trip duration and stops per student.
  • Reports by analysis
  • Panic button to communicate emergencies in real time and get immediate attention
  • Second button indicating the accuracy of the route duration, specifying when the route starts and ends
  • Automatic geocoding of all families homes to record visits
  • Automatic route report every 5 minutes


The NAVSAT technology platform became an ally for full student safety. Improper driving was reduced, and the following results were also obtained:

  • Maximum of one hour of trip duration for 90% of all routes
  • Average trip duration reduced by 15%
  • Elimination of late arrivals in 98% of all performed trips.

“NAVSAT has allowed us to fulfill our main objective of providing a high-quality transportation service, guaranteeing the parents of our institution that their children are arriving at their destination on time and safely”

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