Efficient and eco-friendly tourist transportation

One of our clients that is responsible for providing freight transport services to third parties with large operations, has less than five trucks with which it makes daily long-distance trips between San Carlos and Guanacaste. Our client was looking for a differentiating method in the quality of their services. The main challenge for them was to strictly comply with delivery schedules and at the same time taking care of the transported cargo.


The company considered absolutely essential to have continuous visibility of where the vehicles are located and how they are being operated, being able to give an immediate response to their contractors and to address unexpected events on the road.

  • Installation of GPS tracking devices in all units.
  • Automatic alerts to control the entry and exit at customer facilities.
  • Unit usage control and gas consumption analysis.
  • Communication systems in the cabin to alert emergency situations.
  • Log of risky driving events.
  • System to evaluate the driving behavior.
  • Control of stops and parking in unauthorized or dangerous fixed points.
  • Visualization and control of trucks from an application for smartphone.


NAVSAT solutions helped the company to more confident in the execution of its service level to customers.

  • Compliance with exact delivery commitments.
  • Give a reliable response to their customers about the status and real time location of their deliveries.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and downtime of their fleet.
  • Monitoring and improvement in driving behavior.
  • Fast return of investment.
  • Unit usage control and gas consumption analysis.
  • Accident reconstruction and review of doubtful events.

“With Navsat I feel that I am sitting next to all my drivers, because from the comfort of my home or from my office I can know with certainty where they are and what they are doing with my vehicles. Having the peace of mind of always fulfilling the commitments agreed with my clients”