Orange production – Agroindustry

Responsible citrus distribution with its collaborators

With a continuous increase in its production and with more than 70 thousand boxes of processed fruit per day, this customer is one of the industry leaders in terms of volume of production and distribution of citrus products, with vehicles traveling long routes, usually from the northern part of the country towards the Greater Metropolitan Area.

They are part of a national consortium that unifies the production, distribution and sale of oranges and citrus fruits throughout the Costa Rican territory.




They approached us motivated by the need of obtaining exactly the data of actual work hours and the mileage of their vehicles, because the geographical dispersion of their farms made the control over certain variables, such as speed and routes particularly critical.

  • GPS monitoring system in 50 trucks of its fleet.
  • Georeferencing of their farms for the demarcation of working areas.
  • Maps with exact geofences of their lots for production control within the company.
  • Creation of intelligent alerts of excessive speed with specific parameters provided by the client.


  • 40% reduction of employee hours recorded by reports generated by the company.
  • Reduction of defective production rates attributed to the incorrect application of agrochemicals on farms, mainly due to the speeding of agricultural machinery.
  • Strict control of maximum speeds of 8 km / h on their farms for agricultural equipment and machinery.