Sugar production - Agroindustries

Productivity that transcends markets

Sugar production in the country is one of the pillars of economic growth and this requires keeping pace with demands for product quality from foreign markets. The mills had the need to restructure to maximize their resources and supply effectively both national and international markets.

This plant accounts for 24% of the country’s production, making it the leading mill with more than 2 million bags of sugar produced during the 2016-2017 period.


With this scale, the company needed to have strict controls on the exact locations of its units. In addition, his main concern was having real control on the actual quantity of agrochemicals that should be spread in the plantations.

  • Installation of GPS devices in more than 50 units in their fleet.
  • Web platform to view the units in real time and generate reports.
  • Smart alerts to monitor the real working times of their units (Hour Meters).
  • Enable alerts to regulate the speed of their machinery.
  • Support in the georeferencing of their farms to verify locations.
  • Devices that regulate the openings of their machinery sprinklers to dispense the necessary agrochemicals in their plantations.


NAVSAT solutions helped the company maximize the productivity of its work units and to regulate expenses and boost productivity.

  • Improvement in the harvesting so that distribution occurs in the agreed times.
  • Reduction of unjustified hours of active engine.
  • Exact regulation of the quantity of agrochemicals dispensed in the plantations with intelligent devices installed in the sprayers of machinery.
  • During the first half of 2018, its agricultural fleet registered 82% savings in fuel use.