Specialized Software

for sales and distribution companies across all channels

One of the main goals of any sales and distribution organization is to manage its business under an integrated and unified structure to know the behavior of its customers instantly and with reliable data. With Powerstreet data network that goal will be achieved.

Your salesforce will work with advanced and professional tools that will enhance their performance and improve their execution at point-of-sale, ensuring commercial success.

Centralized management of all business processes

Integrate in Enterprise all your commercial processes, obtain real-time information coming from your salesforce and organize activities related to warehouses, invoicing, accounts receivable, provisioning, treasury, and much more. This will significantly improve your efficiency and allow you to reach and surpass your goals with significant cost savings.

Monitoring of pre-sale routes, direct sales routes and delivery

Professionalize your salespeople with a an all-inclusive mobile tool that guarantees agility and monitoring at point of sale. Create autonomous and efficient sales teams with clear visibility of their targets and real-time execution monitoring.

Develop strategies with real market impact

You will be able to visualize directly in a few dashboards' vast qualities of information. This way you'll make sure that your products have the necessary distribution, coverage, and penetration in each point-of-sale in the market.

  • Instant order creation and invoicing
  • Control your sales and distribution workforce
  • Improve your inventory management and in-store rotation
  • Apply dynamic, flexible and competitve sales policies.
  • Real time information availability.
  • Key indicators for decision making
  • Reduce operation costs and increase your business profitability
  • Master B2B2C digital sales with omnichannel solutions and achieve a memorable buying experience
  • Have a powerful and easy to set-up software that is just right for your business
  • Always count with first grade technical support
  • PowerStreet by NAVSAT is a solution for corporations or distributors of any size and industry
  • Developed as a SaaS solution always available with the highest standards of information quality and availability
  • Minimum hardware and software requirements
  • A team of specialized professionals will provide support in each step of the implementation process

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