NAVSAT Fleet BAC Credomatic

  • How do you control the fuel cost in your company?
  • Who controls the payment of fuel?
  • How to you pay for fuel in your company?
  • Do you feel that you have actual control of the cost of fuel?

Why is it important to control fuel consumption?

Do you have real control of your fuel budget?

The adoption of a controlled payment method is the first step towards an effective control of the fuel budget in your company. This would mitigate the incidence of frauds and deviations from the budget for unauthorized purposes.

Can I buy only the fleet-cards, without GPS?

The NAVSAT Fleet BAC Credomatic solution is a bundled solution, with a special purpose and frequent use that cannot be separated and provides valuable information of vehicle usage and trips that is critical to determine efficiency and prevent or detect frauds or inappropriate utilization thru cross-checks of payment method.

Which are the main benefits of the NAVSAT Fleet BAC Credomatic?

Eliminates the risk of cash management for fuel expenses. Allows to centralize administration of fuel resources based on transactional records.

NAVSAT Fleet BAC Credomatic

It is solution specifically designed for corporate clients who need to implement real controls over fuel and maintenance expenses of their fleets. Size of the fleet does not matter, as it can apply to any fleet size, from one or two vehicles to tenths or hundreds.

Each vehicle has its own card with the plate number, type of fuel and company name. As a result, each transaction with that card will be linked to the actual use of the vehicle, which allows to analyze driver behavior and general use of the vehicle and visualize actual consumption and trends.

NAVSAT has the solution

Control transactions and use of payment method per individual vehicle and driver.


Consumption and fuel efficiency analysis based on real use of the vehicle and without depending on manual readings of odometers.

Automated validation between place of transaction and vehicle location, to verify that the vehicle was at the gas station at the time of fuel loading.

Verification of total quantity of dispensed fuel and cross-check with tank capacity, to detect possible losses due to fraud.

Avoid unnecessary discussions between the employer and the driver, since transactions do not rely on the use of cash, manual invoices or store credit.

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