Control routes and activities

NAVCONTROL is a mobile app from NAVSAT that significantly improves the control of your field force. It allows the creation, optimization and monitoring of the routes; also, improves the automation and control of people and tasks that need to be performed in the field or during teleworking.

Your supervised team members will share their locations and actual activities only with a press of a key or automatically. You will receive real-time location, route compliance and proof of completed work thru a digital form that can be customized and tailored to any type of business.

Real-time monitoring for messengers, couriers and technical field workforce

Monitor and track in real-time your workforce and field force. NAVCONTROL allows to easily control an supervise every step of the route, with instant status information to optimize and increase the efficiency of all your critical resources.

Automated control of activities and logs

NAVCONTROL provides interactive dashboards to check and monitor the activities at your company. You can use customized reports based on you needs and requirements, with an array of graphs and tables that can be easily analyzed on your screen or downloaded and shared in Excel.

Delivery route optimization, with distance and expense control for reps and salespeople

Reduce your fuel and expenses and optimize your workforce routes directly and easily from our GPS control platform. Minimize the number of visits and trip distances with our online route optimization module.


  • Mobile app available for most popular operating systems
  •  Low cost tools.
  •  Easy and quick cellphone implementation.
  •  Continuous training, support and guidance.
  •  Real time information.
  •  Digitalized tasks and forms
  •  Historical activities reports exportable in several formats
  •  Personnel monitoring and supervision automatization.
  •  Increased asset safety
  •  Digital proof of visits along the route with registry of text, photos and signatures

Modernize processes at your company, replacing prone-to-error manual activities and providing a state-of-the-art a technological mobile tool for your employees.

NAVCONTROL is available for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS. Convert each device in a powerful control and work-tool with and easy installation.

Real time connection and transmission.

NAVCONTROL is an online service, with information hosted in the cloud and available to you anywhere, anytime. More important, you don’t need to invest large sums of money in specialized hardware and special purpose systems. It can be easily adapted to any operation and any type of business. It is also very easy to use and has the continuous support of NAVSAT.

Testimonial Traditional Market Sales Manager “With NAVSAT we achieved 20% reduction in mileage paid to our Sales Force…
automated reports are excellent.

Testimonial Massive Consumption Distributor “With NAVCONTROL I´m in control of my operations and deliveries”

Testimonial -Transportation Manager, Distributor “With NAVSAT I feel as if I´m seated right next to my drivers all the time”

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