NavBus is a user-friendly platform with web and mobile apps that provides a simple and flexible tool for your daily management of business and educational transportation routes. With this new service you will be able to manage and remotely control each bus or minivan, including drivers, passengers and all related expenses, maximizing the efficiency of your resources.

With NavBus by NAVSAT you will be able to organize your round-trip routes and define authorized and planned stops, allocate each vehicle based on available spaces or passengers demand and geolocate each stop in each route, with real-time location monitoring.

Safety and peace of mind

Real-time monitoring of workers and students and the location of each bus.
Ability to generate emergency alerts in case of unexpected events.

Easy set-up and use

From the platform you can create routes and stops and then assign each passenger to his/her assigned route, defining trip start and trip end. The passengers can also book their trips.
The passengers can also book their trips.

Real time information availability.

The fleet manager will be able to visualize valuable real-time information in his/her supervisor app.
The passenger will also be able to use his/her app to monitor its route (* for students this might be limited to their parents).

Advantages of NAVbus:

  • Manage round-trips to offices or schools
  • Assign each individual passenger to a predefined route, including authorized stops
  • Visualize and sort information based on passengers, routes and events reports
  • Obtain important data such as the state of each passenger, confirming the time each employee or student boarded the transportation vehicles, including route and stops
  • Verify seat availability in each vehicle before approving booking requests from the passengers
  • Provide a trip-start and trip-end tool for each driver
  • Generate historical compliance reports

With NAVbus by NAVSAT you will be able to manage your transportations vehicles, routes and passengers through a web-based and simple to use platform. Get real time and reliable information of:

  • Routes
  • Past and upcoming stops
  • Number of passengers
  • Events in route
  • No-show passengers
  • On-time performance

Real time monitoring of passengers and transportation vehicles.

NavBus by NAVSAT is a fully integrated platform that provides total control of your buses and minivans as well as your passengers (students or workers) and will allow you to react rapidly and efficiently in case of any unexpected event or emergency along the route.

Additionally, it provides both passengers and their selected family members a valuable app to plan, manage and control their transportation routes.

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