Safety and vehicle rescue

Reliability and efficiency of your fleet with GPS tracking

With an active fleet of over 400 units, this customer focuses his business on what many may consider risky, car rental. Its corporate group was born with the operational integration of 3 big names in the renting market.



Precisely one of the concerns of those in charge of Operations and Logistics was to have their entire fleet controlled with quick access to locate the vehicle and find the fastest and most efficient way to recover the car.

  • Real-time tracking for your entire fleet through GPS devices on the same web platform.
  • Generation of alerts for driving events, such as speeding and accidents.
  • Remote shutdown implementation for cases of lost units or suspected theft.
  • Generation of reports with download option in different formats for strategic analysis.


  • Basic support of our customer service staff when robbery events might occur.
  • Absolute control over the dozens of cars under responsibility
  • Recovery of units that were reported stolen in conjunction with the 911 Emergency Service or the Judicial Investigation Agency (O.I.J)