• Analyze the behavior of your drivers and not only the use of your vehicles

  • Get the best customer service in the industry

  • Obtain full support for the implementation of our GPS control system

  • Received trainings based on your exact needs

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Why controlling your fleet with GPS?

You can´t fulfill your daily planned routes

One of the most common problems for distributing companies is that their trucks return to their distribution centers with products that were not delivered as planned. With our GPS solution you will receive valuable information regarding all visited points during the day, and you will perform automated validations to determine if the routes were executed as planned or if there were missed visits or unauthorized detours.

The maintenance cost of your fleet keep rising

With our solutions of GPS control you will be able to plan your fleet maintenance, and receive automatic alerts and notifications each time your vehicle requires preventive maintenance. Additionally, you will have detailed operational costs of your fleet classified by cost center.

Do you wish to improve the control of your drivers’ daily activities?

With NAVSAT you will be able to implement an effective daily monitoring and receive reliable information of arrival and departure of your fleet so that you can compare with policies and plans predefined by your company.

Monitoring and fleet control solutions with GPS

  • The ability to control fleets allows companies to maximize the efficiency and safety of their fleets and at the same time reduce operational costs and availability of their vehicles. Among the main benefits we can highlight fuel saving, cost of maintenance reduction, fleet usage optimization, more effective logistics and distribution, assets and employees´safety, controlled utilization and vehicle recovery, accidents and fines reduction, safety of load and merchandise.
  • With NAVSAT you will be able to implement automated controls and customized reports, thru WebService or thru connected Excel templates that will refresh real-time information and queries to our database.

NAVSAT has the solution

We develop customized reports based on your specific needs and requirements.

We provide ongoing support and training so you can get the most out of our set of solutions.

We provide a platform with real-time total control of your vehicles.

Additionally, you will have mobile apps available to control your fleet from your smartphone anywhere anytime.

We guarantee you that your information will be handled with maximum confidentiality and care.

We can integrate our platforms to your management systems thru API

We will help you to control all operational costs of your fleet.

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