Frequently Asked Questions about EzFind Garmin Maps

EzFind is, undoubtedly, the most reliable map for Garmin GPS in Costa Rica. In fact, the majority of the local car rental companies use our map. In addition, thousands of tourists have purchased it too.

EzFind covers the whole country and it has over 61000 points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, banks, stores, gas stations, shopping malls, touristic spots and much more. Our map is completely navigable: it will guide you step by step (turn-by-turn) to your final destination. Our purpose is to bring you a quality tool to guide you in any part of the country while optimizing your trip’s distance and travel time, as you safely enjoy your journey.

Our map is compatible with Garmin GPS capable of adding maps and accepting data cards. You can verify this information by searching your GPS model at
Only Kenwood devices with an SD card reader are compatible with our map; the map needs the Garmin platform in order to function.
We offer three different versions of the map:EzFind unlimited version $89 s.t.i.* Includes one year of free updates
EzFind 30 day version $69 s.t.i.*
EzFind 10 day version $49 s.t.i.*
EzFind additional year update $39 s.t.i.*s.t.i.*= sales tax included
To register your GPS, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Once the information is saved, you will receive an email every time there is an available update (if you change your email address, don’t forget to return to this page and change it).
  3. When you are notified that there has been an update, you must enter your NAVSAT user name (NAVSAT ID) on the “Updates” option on the website.
The map updates are sent through by email. The map updates are free during the first year. Each yearly renewal costs $39, but it is not mandatory. The map will still work even if the yearly renewal is not purchased.
In your device, follow these steps:
Go to Tools>Settings>System>About; there you will find the Unit ID.

If you have a very new GPS device, you might find the Unit ID like this:

The NAVSAT ID is your device’s identification number that is registered in our system. It is similar to a personal identification number. It’s used to register a device on our website and ask for updates.
Read the instructions carefully and try to download the map again. You can verify if the map was properly downloaded on the GPS by checking here: tools>setting>map>map info. Or: Setting>my maps.

If you don’t see “NAVSAT COSTA RICA”, please contact the customer service representative who sent you the map.

Verify that the UNIT ID you provided to the customer service representative is correct. If you find there is a mistake, please let the representative who sent you the map know.
Computers usually do not have the appropriate software to run the type of files you will receive from us; only GPS devices do. Therefore, your Apple computer will display an error message when it attempts to run the files.

Just ignore the message, save the files on an easy to remember location and when all the files are available, copy them onto your Garmin device according to the instructions given to you upon purchasing.