Logistics and distribution of Food Service

Safety and quality for your products

This company is a reference in the distribution and sales of meats, poultry and animal nutrition products. Over the years, specific needs arose that merited controls to cut costs and reuse their resources in the best way.

With a presence in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia, this company generates more than 15 thousand direct jobs in the area.



Their goal for their 300 trucks was twofold: improving control over the temperature of the product transported in their frozen vehicles and reducing their accidents incidence, which was over 3 accidents or breakdowns per day.

  • Installation of GPS devices in their vehicle fleet.
  • Door opening sensor implementation.
  • Enabling real-time measurements of temperature with sensors in compliance with strict specifications for each truck.
  • Generación de alertas inteligentes de velocidades excesivas con avisos sonoros al conductor en tiempo real y en la cabina del vehículo.
  • Geolocation of points of sale on its distribution map through polygonal geofences.
  • Configuration of our platform to generate reports and visualization in real time of their units thru web portal and mobile applications.
  • Installation of smart keys to identify drivers and thus generate individualized ratings of the driving habits of their drivers.


  • Improved control over the opening frequency of doors to reduce inconsistencies and deviations in the cold chain and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • Reduction in product loss due to violations of Quality Control guidelines related to door handling at the point of sale for refrigerated trucks.
  • Optimization in the use of brakes and clutch, through better handling, with the resulting improvement of depreciation or wear of the fleet.
  • Significant savings in fuel expense.
  • Eradication of accidents attributed to speeding.