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Technological Platform Allied to Student Safety

The late arrivals, making meet schedule in 98% of journeys made were eliminated.

With NAVSAT’s services, risky driving and late arrivals to schools were reduced

Student transportation has become one of the key points in education, both public and, particularly, private; therefore, it is essential to achieve accountability in the provision of a service.

Our client provides this service in all the Metropolitan Area with coverage of 50 units subcontracted by the educational institution.

Traditionally, route control was done through phone calls and manual records which resulted in inefficient processes and did not guarantee user satisfaction. In addition, the variety of schedules that are covered and events on the road make route design and compliance a great challenge.

Student transportation required a system to allow automatic, real-time control and to acknowledge the standards upon which it operates, to guarantee the students’ safety and timely arrivals.

Given this background, the company decided to reach NAVSAT which equipped the fleet with GPS devices, hence enabling the access to a web platform that allows monitoring route performance in real time to generate a series of reports by analysis.

Currently, the student fleet has a panic button to communicate events in real time and obtain immediate attention. In addition, a second button indicates the exact route duration, specifying the moment it starts and finishes to implement automatic geocoding of all the families to register visits.

“NAVSAT has enabled us to meet our main objective to provide a high- quality transportation service, guaranteeing our institution’s parents that their children are arriving to their destination safely and timely” states the head of transportation of the institution.

A personalized alert system for arrivals to the institution was developed to generate an automatic report every 5 minutes indicating pending and completed routes. Part of this personalization includes daily and monthly automatic reports that indicate route compliance and the times of visit for each student.

Thanks to these technological implementations, the company has reached a maximum of one-hour journeys in all their routes and to reduce the average time in a 15%, eliminating late arrivals to meet schedules in a 98% of the journeys.

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