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Distribution for Massive Consumption

Food distribution companies in Costa Rica are one of the most dynamic sectors of industry in terms of customer base, product diversity, and quality demands which become higher by the second; thus, the sector is one of the most challenging but more promising at the same time.
Ditribucion para consumo masivo
For NAVSAT, it is greatly satisfying that the main food distribution companies in Costa Rica have chosen us as their ally to maximize the benefits of their operations. Particularly, in this market sector it is one of the companies that has gained most benefits by incorporating NAVSAT’s solutions.

With a fleet that exceeds 100 vehicles, more than 800 clients, and a combination of frozen goods, refrigerated and non-refrigerated, this company had clearly identified its needs, which can be summed up as follows:

  • Ensure the compliance of visit schedules for the main clients
  • Guarantee the quality of its frozen goods, with cold chain, through their delivery at the client’s door

Some of the integral solution that NAVSAT has implemented with this client has consisted of

  • Installation of GPS devices in all its fleet and enabling of the web platform to visualize the units in real-time and use the wide range of reports, as well as the creation of independent environments for the individual management of the different departments involved
  • Support in the geo-reference of its total base of points to visit and the development of an alert and report system to control the daily effectiveness in route compliance and arrival to the establishments
  • Enabling of temperature sensors, both in refrigeration chambers inside the trucks and in cold chambers in loading docks. This is complemented with a set of smart alerts that eases the monitoring of door opening times and variations in acceptable temperature ranges for each type of product.
  • Development of a massive data load and analysis of fuel consumption system. This eases the quick retrieval of relevant information for consumption trends, as well as comparative analysis of fuel efficiency and faulty driving of the personnel.

The benefits appeared from the very moment the company integrated NAVSAT’s solutions. It obtained an improvement in the compliance of service policies through the acknowledgement of exact visit times to clients and the resulting adjustment in route design, which favored the acquisition of feasible commitments that have been reflected in the compliance of 95% of visits to their key accounts.

Out-of-range temperature taking was reduced in a %65 and it is possible now to take immediate actions as soon as it occurs which has had a direct impact in the reduction of product loss and returns from the clients.

Fuel consumption was reduced in a 10%, mainly due to the improvement of driving behavior from the personnel and to a more strict supervision on the efficiency and use of fuel loads authorized for each driver.

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