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Emergency care with efficiency control services

The Association has obtained savings of US$10.000

They reflected operational savings totaling the $10,000 monthly

A Costa Rican Association of Voluntary Aid been characterized by its excellence in the attention of emergencies and commitment to vulnerable sectors. As a priority, this association directs its efforts to providing its services in an optimal and timely manner whenever needed.

The vehicle fleet is the main resource in the provision of the service and significant challenges have emerged in order to ensure the quality of service and the sustainability of operations.

In addition to the need of preserving the correct status of the units and ensuring the safety of passengers through good driving practices, the company has the following challenges:

  • Ensuring that the units are used only for the intended purpose.
  • Having a more efficient operation, through the reduction of operational costs associated with inappropriate unit management
  • Knowlegde of unit location in real time to facilitate emergency care as timely as possible.

To fulfill these needs, NAVSAT implemented the following solutions:

  • Equip the fleet with tracking devices and an emergency button to immediately communicate with the base.
  • The web platform is enabled to control in real time the units from computers or mobile devices, customizable for each Committee and user.
  • An implementation of warning systems in real time.
  • Programming of automatic reports with information on events such as driving, hours of operation and fleet downtime.

In addition, NAVSAT was responsible for empowering the staff of each Committee to find out how to maximize the use of the tools, and to generate indicators that allow them to make informed decisions.

Our customer ensures that ¨(We have obtained) flexibility of use of the platform, perceived savings, improvement in our service, excellent coverage, variety of functions¨.

The benefits of the association have been reflected in operational savings that amount to the $10,000 monthly average, thanks to the reduction of 21% in the times stopped with engine running.

Other benefits have been the reduction of risky events, where the average speed is 10% below the trend registered prior to the implementation of our services. This prevented unnecessary speeding, contributing to preserving the active and ensuring the safety of passengers.

A more immediate attention to emergencies has been enhanced by the visibility of the flee in real time, 24/7.
Moreover, it has been possible to provide support to units in place and to identify any unauthorized use of the fleet

Reduction of risky events, where the
average speed is 10% below the trend

The Association has managed to meet the established routes and timetables thanks to good driving
behavior. The data obtained from The platform has made it possible to accurately quantify operation costs
In each Committee and region, measure productivity and reward the staff according to their performance.

If you want to obtain these and more benefits from NAVSAT, please do not hesitate to contact us to meet your needs and help with the optimization of your resources and company.

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