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Industries NAVSAT

Effective responses to your customers from anywhere in the country

Enabled platform controls the use of the units and analyzes the fuel consumption

Quick return on investment and an immediate and real-time, quality service is what you can achieve with NAVSAT

You can reduce maintenance costs of your fleet operation to the monitoring and improvement in driving mode, as well as the detailed control of vechicle usage. In addition, it is now possible to have a quick return on investment, being key to the SMEs that have a limited working capital.

One of our customers who provides load distribution services to third parties with larger operations experienced these and many other benefits.

The company has less than trucks that complete daily long-distance trips between San Carlos and Guanacaste; therefore, they decided to rely on NAVSAT and acquire its benefits.

In this case, our customer was looking for a distinctive method on the quality of its services, which is very important in this industry due to high supply and demand. The main challenges for them were the strict compliance with delivery schedules, as well as the care of the load being transported.

Constant visibility of vehicles in terms of location and operation mode is essential for the company, in order to provide immediate response to their contractors and to meet contingencies on the road.

Having a reduced fleet makes it essential to ensure the availability of resources and the correct status of the units. To fulfill these needs, NAVSAT decided to install GPS tracking devices in the units and enabled a web platform with functionalities such as the following:

  • Automatic alerts to control the arrival and departure times from the clients’ facilities
  • Use of the units and analysis of fuel consumption control.
  • In-cab communication systems to alert emergency situations.
  • Risky driving and system event log to evaluate the driving mode.
  • Stop and stay duration control in specific non-authorized or dangerous locations
  • Visualization and control of the trucks from an application developed for smartphone.

“With Navsat I feel I’m sitting with all my drivers, because from the comfort of my house or work I am able to know with certainty where they are and what they are doing with my vehicles. I have the tranquility of always complying with commitments made with clients”, ensures our customer and owner of the company.

Part of the benefits that have been obtained is that it has been possible to acquire and accomplish exact delivery commitments and provide a reliable response to clients on status and detail in real-time of their deliveries.

It has been a useful system to recreate accidents and revise suspicious events

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