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NAVSAT’s GPS fleet administration consists of the implementation of a series of tools and guidance from our specialists to administrate your mobile resources, count on reliable, precise information in real-time that allows you to make timely decisions, optimize operating costs, create profitable routes and, in general, improve the use of your resources, control your fleet’s performance and ensure a high-quality service for your customers and/or suppliers. We seek maximum efficiency in the administration of mobile resources.

Our solutions begin with an analysis of your fleet administration. Then, our business representatives join you to improve the planning of the resources that your company uses in its management. We have tools for resource optimization, oriented to maximizing the profitability of your logistics or service operation. All this can also be complemented with solutions to improve GPS routing or navigation for drivers.

We incorporate all our systems in our online control platform designed for fleet administration which will be used on a daily basis by the personnel in charge of your mobile resources. Our solutions can be implemented separately according to the specific requirements and needs of your company. We offer a SAAS model.

The route planning service will enable you to:

  • Analyze the geographical reach of your locations and understand how your competitors affect your coverage.
  • Set expected times of arrival for each delivery or attention according to the location.
  • Know the actual reach of your fleet and identify zones with attention gaps.
  • Set parameters for attention zones among different sites and assign customers to each site in accordance with the available resources.
  • Know the places you can cover in different time intervals.
This technology consists of a transmitting device, a web platform, and NAVSAT’s support to control your vehicles and personnel at any time.

Our technical staff installs the device in your vehicles with sensors to control various components and thus obtain information such as engine’s ignition, speed, load’s temperature, door opening and closing, travelled routes, customers visits, unauthorized trips, unauthorized stops, entrance to dangerous locations, among many others. Furthermore, we have mobile, rechargeable devices which may be used by your workers with no assigned vehicle. These devices are widely used to control security officers, displays in supermarkets, and couriers, among others.
You can use our GPS navigation technology for route design and drivers and / or sells agents to guarantee completion of planned routes.

Save your routes and customers on a geographically-referenced platform, digitalizing essential information for your business, and making it approachable to analyze at any moment.

Fleet control allows companies to maximize effectiveness and safety, as well as to considerably reduce operating costs.
Fuel savings, reduction of maintenance costs, fleet optimization, a more effective and efficient logistics and distribution, asset and personnel safety, control over the use and recovery of vehicles, protection of the transported load.
A mobile resource is any type of vehicle or person that needs to commute to fulfil a daily task in a company.
Any type of vehicle, person, or asset within your company! We monitor trucks, automobiles, buses, trains, motorbikes, couriers, displays, boats, watercrafts, helicopters, taxis, ATVs, heavy machinery, tractors, and any other asset that requires automatized, reliable control
A permanent or mobile device is placed in every unit. This device sends reports in real time to the virtual platform which can be accessed 24/7 from a computer or cell phone. The information is also saved for historical queries. .
Our platform allows you to assign to each driver a device with their personal information to detect inappropriate behaviors like sudden breaking, speeding, and use of the vehicle for personal errands, among others.
With our “Route Control” it is possible to assign a predetermined route to each unit and to know the idle times, use of resources, conditions of goods, locations visited, and duration of visits.
We normally send our technical staff to complete the installation to your preferred location for no additional cost. However, if our customers want to, they can also bring their vehicles to our technical service station in Lindora, Santa Ana.
The device is installed in a hidden, random location which is hard to access to prevent it from being accessed by a third party. However, if at any point the GPS tracking device is manipulated, an automatic notification and real-time alerts are sent to the fleet administrator via SMS, email, and web control platform, so pertinent actions can be taken.
  1. You can Access reliable, confidential information in real time that will enable you to analyze the operational impact of fleet usage.
  2. Ensure customer satisfaction by improving delivery times.
  3. Maximize resource usage.
  4. Design optimum distribution routes.
  5. Execute the most profitable routes for the vehicles.
  6. Reduce mileage and increase coverage.
  7. Optimize schedules and personnel’s shifts.
  8. Meet visit and delivery schedules as well as attention times set by your customers.
Yes. You can download our free app from Google Play and App Store to have quick access to your units’ location in real time. You can also see historical data on travels, fuel control, and many other indicators.
Food transportation companies need to make sure that their products are being carried in the best conditions and they achieve so by monitoring the vehicle’s and its load’s temperature directly from our platform and in real time through our sensors installed in the containers of their distribution trucks.
Yes. Through regional control it is possible to maintain an effective monitoring of the unit outside our boundaries. Therefore, companies are able to Access real-time reports and information on each unit with the same ease and reliability regardless of their geographical locations. We cover all Central America, from Panama to Mexico.
NAVSAT offers a wide variety of reports depending on our customers’ needs. We count on individual and group reports focused either on the drivers or on the vehicles. Some of the most widely used reports are the ones that provide information on mileage, load temperatures, arrival and departure from points of interest, route compliance, travel expenses, detail and summary of stops, terminal control and travels for public transportation.
  • Fuel reports
  • Mileage
  • Real-time location
  • Temperature
  • Panic button
  • Sudden braking, speeding, inappropriate turns
  • Creation of geofences (around Points of interest or specific areas)
  • Idle time (vehicle not moving but with its engine on)
  • Remote shut down
  • Driver key to control the assigning of drivers to each vehicle
We have permanent devices to be installed in your vehicles as well as mobile, rechargeable devices with long-lasting batteries.
Yes. Our permanent and mobile devices let you know different types of information. Permanent devices are installed directly in the vehicle. They send detailed information from each unit. Mobile devices are rechargeable and send data about distance, location, and speed.
NAVSAT has a department that specializes in the use of fleet control tools. Our specialists are in charge of training the fleet administrators in order to make the best out of the service. In addition, our staff makes sure they know and understand the needs of every particular customer and the special requirements the organization has to improve the logistics and transportation processes
We are able to immediately block their access and users.
Every company is looking for cost savings and increased efficiencies and with NAVSAT’s services you will obtain significant improvements that will positively impact the operating costs of your company. NAVSAT will help you simplify the processes for companies that wish to optimize delivery times, control visits to customers, automate vehicle maintenance, improve logistics control, obtain a variety of information regarding units through automatic reports in different formats, control and locate merchandise, minimize fuel-related, insurance, and unit wear costs, and monitor and support their drivers work.
We only need to visit you so you can speak with one of our business representative, and together analyze the options that best suit your needs and your company’s budget.
We schedule the installation according to the availability of your vehicles and our staff. The device is installed in a hidden location in the vehicle and our technical staff will visit you to your offices for no additional cost.
Our devices have direct warranty. Our technical staff will analyze the damage in the site and, if needed, we immediately replace the device so your fleet does not stopped at any point in time.
Yes. We have specialized reports to measure the environmental impact of your fleet.

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