We´ve got everything you need to control your fleet with GPS tracking.

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GPS tracking solutions to control your fleet

NAVSAT platform goes beyond just a dot in the map; we can help you to get the highest return of your investment. When you get our solutions you´ll get Access to the best in class platform to manage your fleet by:


Fuel Control with the Fleet Card BCR-NAVSAT

With the new Fleet Card BCR-NAVSAT you have a full-fledged solution to control your vehicles' fuel consumption, manage your resources with absolute clarity and reduce your operating costs.

Manage in a centralized manner the resources assigned for fuel, integrate the information of vehicles, payment methods, and drivers . Additionally, reduce the risks of fraud and non-authorized use of your resources.

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Rastreo de personas hasta vehículos pesados

Track it all, from people to heavy trucks

NAVSAT offers technology that works autonomously for hours or days in case you need to track your personnel or your assets.

We can track your suppliers’ vehicles either permanently or occasionally because we offer easy-to-install technology to track special vehicles easily and quickly.

Motorcycles represent a tracking technological challenge, but our technology is specially designed and adapted for this type of vehicles as well.

We permanently validate and offer accessible and reliable cutting-edge technology that includes all you need for fleet tracking and control for any kind of vehicle.

We interconnect multiple sensors to control over 100 types of events in vehicles with standard or special requirements.

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Planifique sus rutas

Plan your transportation and sales routes

Model and analyze the impact of potential business decisions in your transportation, logistics and sales strategies.

With NAVSAT, you can modernize the route design and route planning to improve productivity and efficiency of sales agents and delivery vehicles.

With NAVSAT and the Planning Service you can

  • Analyze the geographic scope of your locations.
  • Understand how your competition affects your coverage.
  • Define expected arrival, delivery, or assistance times.
  • Become aware of the total potential of your fleet.
  • Identify locations with attention issues.
  • Create assistance frontiers between different sites.
  • Know the places you can reach within different time intervals.
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Cadena de frío

Cold chain management

We help our clients to reduce the risk of loss by poor cold chain management and allow them to save thousands of dollars in areas such as unit cooling or breach of contract avoidance. This had made us leaders in monitoring cold chain transportation.

Monitor the transportation process of cool cargo from start to finish:

  • Distribution center
  • Temperature control in real and historic time
  • Door opening.
  • Monitoring of multiple environments frozen / cold.
  • Refrigeration equipment switch on/off.
  • Hour meter control
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Rastreo, control y monitoreo regional

Regional control of your fleet with GPS

Stay connected with your vehicles regardless of the country they are.

We offer plans that adapt to the monitoring needs of your fleet.

With cutting-edge technology, our satellite tracking devices interact with communication networks so our clients centralize tracking operations in one country, eliminating the need to look for providers in other areas.

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Herramientas NAVSAT

Maintenance, forecast, and control tools

With NAVSAT solutions you will have all the information related to the use and behavior of your vehicles. You will have travel and stop statistics, visits control, and geofences that can be configured by the user or through massive uploads.

You will also be able to maximize the lifetime of your vehicles with maintenance and forecast tools.

In cases of emergency, you will locate your units in real-time to activate security protocols as well as remote shut down and door closing.

We have real time management modules with automatic vehicle dispatch, as well as pre-programmed alarms that include alerts for speeding, entering and departing dangerous places, idle time and downtime, among others.

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Monitoreo de conductores y choferes NAVSAT

Monitor your drivers

Your drivers are a critical element for the good performance of your fleet.

NAVSAT offers you tools to identify the way in which your drivers use your vehicles so you can reward their good performance as well their responsible driving.

You will be able to detect behaviors that are risky for your personnel, assets, and other people’s safety. This includes speeding control, risky maneuvers, sudden braking, excessive acceleration, and accident identification and reproduction.

Our web control platform has a module specially designed to generate reports and analysis of your drivers’ behavior.

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Acceso a aplicación móvil

Have access to the mobile fleet control app

Control your fleet, for no additional fee, with one click from your cell phone.

We have a mobile app that allows control of your vehicles from any Smartphone or tablet compatible with IOS or Android operating systems.

With this mobile app you have benefits when monitoring your vehicles:

  • View your vehicles in real time.
  • Reproduce trips
  • Visualize driving exceptions
  • Manage fuel consumption.
  • Manage fuel fill-ups
  • Maintain mileage control
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