• Centralize resources allocated to fuel
  • Analyze the information of vehicles, payments and drivers
  • Mitigate the risks of fraud and unauthorized usage
  • Access the largest network of gas stations across the country
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Why controlling fuel purchases and fuel consumption?

What is a fleet-card?

A fleet-card allows a company to buy fuel in an authorized network of gas stations and receive detailed information of each transaction. It allows to define parameters and restrictions on days, amounts and frequency of transactions. Additionally, the fleet-card BCR-NAVSAT integrates with the GPS fleet platform, allowing to maintain full visibility of fuel expenses for all the fleet.

How large is the network of gas stations where this fleet-card can be used?

You will have a large network of gas stations across all the country, border to border, with the ability to reach a gas station within 20 minutes from anywhere along your trip. Reliability and stability of the dataphones network and processing availability of the BCR systems that operate over the ATH platform with uptime levels of over 99%.

Which are the benefits before, during and after the fleet-card BCR-NAVSAT utilization?

With fleet-card BCR-NAVSAT you will be able to define the amounts of consumption, the number of authorized transactions and the allowed time range for each card, and if any of the parameters is breached the system will generate alerts for misusage of the fleet-card and reflect such events thru detailed reports of fueling, efficiency and consumption.

Fleet-card BCR-NAVSAT

The fleet-card BCR-NAVSAT is a powerful tool to control your fleet efficiently and to administer your resources precisely and effectively, reducing your operational costs.

It is very simple

  • Accepted in a large network of BCR affiliated gas stations across the country.
  • Issued for every vehicle with its associated plate number.
  • Configurable by the user thru the BCRCompras platform.
  • Use and consumption reports thru NAVSAT fleet management platform.
  • Information about transactions available 24/7 thru mobile devices, web portal or automated reports.

NAVSAT has the solution

Accepted in a large network of BCR affiliated gas stations across the country.

Issued for every vehicle with its associated plate number.


Configurable by the user thru the BCRCompras platform:

  • User-defined number of transactions thru the BCRCompras platform
  • User-defined maximum number of authorized transactions per day or per month
  • User-defined maximum amount per transaction
  • User-defined total amount authorized per period
  • User-defined of authorized times and days

Use and consumption reports integrated to NAVSAT fleet management administration platform.

Transactional information available 24/7 thru your smartphones, web portal access and automated reports.

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