Assigned tasks recording and monitoring

Work For Home and Field-task automation

  • Oversee activities at point-of-sale
  • Record out-of-stocks
  • Verify promotions at point-of-sale
  • Control assignments in real time
  • Live and safe interaction with your workforce
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Why implementing a mobile platform for your workforce?

Do you wish to know if your salespeople are visiting your customers?

With GU Trade by NAVSAT you will have reliable information about visits and tasks of your salespeople. We will help you to define the best route plans, minimizing unnecessary trips and maximizing salesforce productivity.

Would you like to have real time information about point-of-sale execution?

With GU Trade you can implement dynamic forms to capture everything that happens at point-of-sale, with images and records in the smartphones of your promoters and merchandisers.

How do you control out-of-stock at point-of-sale?

At NAVSAT we offer you the best solution in the market for out-of-stock control, with our GU Trade platform, that will allow you to capture data and share it in real time with decision makers at your company.



Main features of GU

Improve your products visibility. Teamwork coordination.

Efficiency and refilling

  • Geolocation and classification of points-of-sale
  • Automatic entry to and exit from points-of-sale
  • Route compliance verification in real time
  • Time control of points-of-sale visits

Execution optimization

  • Price monitoring
  • Competition monitoring
  • Facings control
  • Incidents recording
  • Product expiration control
  • Assets control
  • Returns registry


  • Planogram information and execution at point-of-sale
  • Visuals compliance
  • POP material
  • Out-of-stock control

HR management

  • Check-in and check-out time
  • Break-time control
  • Administration of allowed apps and mobile settings control
  • Individual or group messages

NAVSAT has the solution

Customized reports

Ongoing assistance


Visualization in real-time

Safe and reliable platform

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