Distribution - Gas expenses control

Better expense management to achieve measurable changes. One of the high-end supermarket chains…

One of the high-end supermarket chains with premium products and services required efficient administration of its fuel consumption in its vehicles fleet and more controlled costs to continue growing in its more than 20 points of sale throughout the country.


The reduction of their expenses and the centralization of resources destined to the use of fuel was one of their concerns in order to optimize their work.

  • Control of their vehicles through an integrated GPS an electronic payment method solution across their fleet.
  • Visualization of their trucks in real time for delivery routes.
  • Implementation of the BCR-NAVSAT Fleet Card to administer resources for fuel consumption.
  • Elimination of the purchase orders for gas station fuel loads.
  • Complete and customized report for management analysis.
  • Enabling door opening sensors to detect irregularities in unauthorized areas.
  • Defined list of authorized gas stations for fuel load.


  • Mitigation of risks and unauthorized payments frauds.
  • Better fuel efficiency in their visits and reduction in merchandise delivery times.
  • Driving efficiency, which translates into a decrease in expenses for fleet maintenance and lower fuel consumption.
  • Reduction of downtime and unauthorized stops by drivers.
  • True control of fuel consumption, through real control of both expenditures and efficiency.