Real Time In-Vehicle
e Imágenes en Tiempo Real

  • Front, rear, in-cabin and lateral monitoring

  • Real Time alerts

  • Artificial Intelligence Analysis

NAVSAT GPS monitoring system is enhanced thru real time video transmissions and alerts in real time!

No doubt heavy trucks perform one of the most demanding tasks in logistics and transportation. Both the truck itself and its cargo demand a reliable and constant monitoring, and long driving shifts require an appropriate management of driver performance.

Some of the main challenges are:

Long driving hours without appropriate rest, could cause drowsiness and inadequate reaction times, which might result in accidents.

Fear of assault, personal injury, and loss of valuable cargo. All this requires reliable and sophisticated technological solutions.


We provide first-line solutions specifically designed for vehicles applications, including front, rear, in-cabin and lateral vehicle views. Our solutions also provide in-cabin Artificial Intelligence monitoring and analysis.

  • MDVR up to 8 channels: complete view of cabin interior and vehicle surroundings
  • Surveillance of blind spots, which are critical for safety and security of business vehicles
  • Real time GPS monitoring and video captures based on events
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS):
    • Vehicle status
    • Drowsiness detection thru driver monitoring system
    • In-cabin audible alerts, in real-time


  • Save up to 30% of the direct and indirect costs in a fully monitored fleet
  • Expand your actual monitoring and control of distribution and logistics
  • Get all the benefits and efficiencies from automated event processing
  • One specially designed software platform fully integrated with GPS monitoring

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