Point of sale control for Consumer Packaged Goods

Maximum productivity to improve service quality

Listed as one of the largest and most important companies in the country, our client always seeks innovation in their products and of course the quality of their work, and this is achieved with the support of more than 1,300 producing partners throughout the national territory and 2,600 direct employees.


Its large size makes some fieldwork particularly cumbersome and finding a tool that allowed them to digitally consolidate all the information generated by their workers outside the office was a challenge that they had to solve.

  • Implementation of NAVSAT GU Trade in its sales force, with more than 130 field employees.
  • Digital platform with direct access from mobile devices (cell phones and tablets).
  • Download reports with complete and updated information in real time.
  • Definition of automated work schedules with integration to Microsoft Outlook.


  • All fronts covered in the digitalization processes of their reports for quality controls, both in production plants and in their facilities.
  • Improvement of attention to complaints received from its clients.
  • Instant receipt of information generated by workers outside the office.
  • Generation of incentives and bonuses for compliance with campaigns and strategies at the point of sale through automated reports with NAVSAT GU Trade.