Point of sale execution control

All the information under the same management platform

With more than 60 years in the distribution of medicines and consumer products and personal care in the country, this large distributor required a strategic solution that facilitated the functions of the field staff and the recovery of the data generated by their merchants.



The digitalization of all the information and a platform with easy access to selected data generated by the collaborators in the field.

  • A totally digital platform with access from mobile devices (tablets and cell phones) for workforce management.
  • Use of a user-friendly, double-purpose application, intended to manage and receive information and to confirm real-time personnel locations at the same time.
  • Generation of reports that allow analysis of Points of Sale (POS), competition prices, product behavior, sales-in and sell-out and staff productivity.


  • 100% digitalization of the reports in the same multifunctional platform.
  • Monitoring of agent visit times at POS with actual locations.
  • Consolidation and easy download of statistical reports.
  • Elimination of informal and therefore non-controllable tools such as WhatsApp for reporting of data such as missing products, returns and prices.
  • Utilization of cell phones as actual work tools.