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About NAVSAT Costa Rica

NAVSAT has a vastly experienced management team with knowledge from start-ups to specialized management in multinationals and SMEs.

We use the most advanced yet easy-to-use technology to integrate into any operation.

Our navigation products have millions of days of use and thousands of satisfied customers.

The corporate solutions offered by NAVSAT Business are unrivaled in the market, for their reliability and adaptation to each company’s requirements. Additionally, we offer planning and optimizing solutions so that your company can have a world-class fleet management.


We work with passion and professionalism to offer our customers technological solutions that are both safe and reliable and that provide remote control and smart management of resources, processes and workforces


We believe in an increasingly connected, efficient, measurable and responsible world, and therefore we move swiftly in the digital transformation hand-in-hand with our customers, partners, affiliates and collaborators

NAVSAT operates on the following principles:

NAVSAT Líderes en GPS Costa Rica

Constant innovation

NAVSAT is at the forefront in the use of location technologies, improving the performance of thousands of companies in many sectors of our economy, from Commerce to industry to the distribution and services.

NAVSAT - LÍDERES tecnologías limpias

Ecological Awareness

All our solutions reduce the environmental impact of movements of goods and persons. In addition, NAVSAT responsibly recycles obsolete electronic components by its agreement with the specialized company.

navsat - soporte y servicio

Support and service

At NAVSAT our priority is every one of our clients, even before they become our customers. From the moment that we open channels serving a need or a consultation, we strive to provide all the professional support that each situation requires.

History and Background

Our path started in 2006 with a dream: being able to offer turn-by-turn GPS navigation in Costa Rica.

NAVSAT has over 35 direct employees and a top management team that boasts vast careers, with experience in various professional and technical areas ranging from new ventures to specialized management in multinational companies as well as in small companies (SMEs).

NAVSAT has a solid organizational structure, made up by local and international shareholders, president, board of directors and strategic management committees. We are a company with big corporate genes and the agility of a young and entrepreneurial organization.

NAVSAT makes the dream come true and quickly becomes the undisputed leader for GPS navigation and telematics and GPS fleet administration.

Social responsability

Our approach goes beyond the commercial area, the responsibility with the environment in which we work plays a very important role in our corporate environment.

NAVSAT pledged to collaborate every semester with the Food Bank in its social work, with the sole objective of strengthening our relationship with society and returning part of how much it has given to us over the years.

All our staff attends the Food Bank facilities to collaborate with accommodation and distribution functions of donations made by large supermarket chains. All this work is aimed at specific areas of our society at social risk, drug addicts, alcoholics and people in extreme poverty.

NAVSAT deepens its ideology of help and reinforces its positive impact as part of our corporate values to reinforce our belief that being a responsible corporate citizen is a centerpiece of our success.


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