Service quality in the distribution of consumer goods

The food distribution companies in Costa Rica belong to one of the most dynamic industry sectors, in terms of volume of their client portfolios, diversity of products and the demands for increasing quality of service. This a sector with big challenges but at the same time with vast opportunities.


The company has a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, more than 8,000 customers and a combination of frozen, refrigerated and non-refrigerated products.


The company needed to ensure compliance with delivery schedules, guarantee the quality of its products and maximize the use of resources by saving fuel.

  • Installation of GPS devices in all the fleet.
  • Web platform to view the units in real time and generate reports.
  • Support in the georeferencing of their entire base of visited points.
  • System of alerts and reports to control the daily effectiveness and route compliance and arrivals to the distribution centers.
  • Installation of temperature sensors in refrigerated trucks and cold chambers.
  • Smart alerts to monitor door opening times and temperature fluctuations.
  • Fuel consumption analysis system to obtain information about consumption trends and comparative performance analysis.


NAVSAT solutions helped the company to improve its level of service and provide additional benefits when adopting these technological solutions.

  • Improvement in customer service through knowledge of exact time of visits and fine-tuning of route planning.
  • Customer delivery compliance above 95%.
  • 65% reduction of out-of-range temperature violations.
  • Reduction of product loss and returns.
  • 10% fuel consumption saving thanks to improved driving practices and strict supervision of frequency and efficiency of fuel loads.

“(We have obtained) flexibility and ease of use of the platform, perceived savings, improvement in our service, excellent coverage, great variety of features”