Medical emergencies efficient service

A Costa Rican Voluntary and Auxiliary Relief Association of public authorities has been characterized by its excellence in emergency care and commitment to vulnerable sectors. For this Association, it is a priority to focus its efforts on providing its services in an optimal and timely manner wherever and whenever required. The vehicular fleet is the main elements in the provisioning of the service, so important challenges have arisen to ensure the best quality of the service and the sustainability of the operations.


One of these challenges is to preserve the correct condition and availability of the units and ensure the safety of passengers with good driving practices. In addition to reducing operational costs and knowing where the units are, it allows timely emergency care.

  • Fleet equipped with satellite tracking devices.
  • Emergency button to communicate with the base.
  • Custom web platform to control in real time the units from computers or mobile devices.
  • Real-time alert system to indicate events defined as relevant by the Association.
  • Automatic reports with information on events such as: driving, hours of use and idle times.
  • Staff training to maximize the use of tools.
  • Training of management levels for the generation of indicators that allow informed decisions.


  • Average monthly savings of USD10,000.
  • 21% decrease in engine idle time
  • 10% reduction of risky driving events, contributing to ensure passenger safety and preserve the good use of the asset.

“(We have obtained) flexibility and ease of use of the platform, perceived savings, improvement in our service, excellent coverage, great variety of features”